In today’s market, many companies and executive management teams are redefining vision and best business practices to gain industry and global leadership.  Coronado Group brings a professional background in international and domestic business development, creating marketing strategies and evaluating the financial aspects of product development including assessing sales, developing budgets, curtailing expenditures and enhancing return-on-investment.  Coronado Group offers extensive experience in formulating vision, directing and coordinating marketing activities and policies to promote products and services including working with advertising, sales teams and promotional managers.

The value Coronado Group brings to an organization is not only a strong performance record, but also our dedication and commitment focused on market expansion and improving revenues. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs and our qualifications with regard to the potential opportunity to contribute to developing strategies and building a global presence for your organization.

CORONADO GROUP is in the business of partnering with emerging and existing technology companies and introducing products into the appropriate market space by providing sales and marketing.

Coronado Group Inc.